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if a marshadow uses shadow sneak, which has 40 base power, will it get stab and technician then is becomes base 90 power?
and a Pokemon with technician using a base 60 power move, with technician work if there is stab? will it end up 90 or 135?


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yes it will stack this is a common misconception actually so let me give you an example.

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-Bullet punch
-arial ace
-Swords dance
-fury cutter

now bullet punch does 60 damage with stab and 90 damage with technician they stack . but with fury cutter it does 90 damage with stab and technician the FIRST time. This is because fury cutter is move that builds up power if you use it consecutively, after the first time the base power will be over 60 and in turn lose the advantage of technician.

So in CONClUSION yes it will be 135 lol.

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No-Technician activates before STAB, as otherwise a Scizor using bug bite would have base 90 power of STAB activates first, as Technician wouldnt activate as it is over 60 Power

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No it will not it stacks so it would be 135