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I'm confused here. Say you have this:
Scyther @ Sharp Beak
Technician Ability
-Dual Wingbeat
-Random Move
-Random Move
-Random Move

What order is Technichian, Item, and STAB calculated?

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No order
I think you are misunderstanding how calculting it works
Dual wingebeat (lets just say one hit we will make it two later) has 40 bp.
 Technician mutliplies that by 1.2
Stab multiplies by 1.5
Item multiplies by 1.2
You get 86.4 about
Multiplying that by two, you get 172.8
Because of communative property, you can rearrange this in any order and still get The same answer.
STAB is a damage multiplier, not a power multiplier, so the power is 57.6 if you ignore rounding. I don't know how it rounds.
Damage always rounds down, so I assume power is the same.

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Technician and sharp beak are power modifiers, and technician is calculated before sharp beak. STAB is a damage modifier, and all damage modifiers are calculated after all power modifiers. So the order is technician, sharp beak, and STAB.