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I've been wondering if there was a better move for my Technician Persian. Should I even use Fury Swipes at all?

I think Fake Out might be a better move.
It only works once in a row.
Smogon recommends Fake Out over Fury Swipes. Fury Swipes is pretty bad, with only a 15% chance to hit five times.

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From Technician and STAB, Fury Swipes recieves two x1.5 boosts. So, doing the math,
18 x 1.5 x 1.5 = 40.5
Base power is always rounded down to the nearest integer, so 40.5 is rounded down to 40.

Each hit of Fury Swipes will have 40 base power.
If you are lucky enough to land all 5 hits, the total base power will be 200.

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I'm pretty sure base power needs to be an integer. How does it round?
Thanks for pointing that out. I just found out that base power is always rounded down.
No won't it be 40.5 * 5??