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Chould I use Swords Dance or Bulk Up for my groudon?

Groudon@ Rind Berry (for coverage) / Tank
Bashfull nature / Drought
HP 350
Attack 357
Defense 309
Sp. Atk 232
Sp. Def 227
Speed 228


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Ok, Groudon's got very nice Attack AND Defense, and I see you use it as a tank(am I right here?).

Anyway, if you are making Groudon a Tank, go with Bulk Up.
Or, if you want to sweep, then Swords Dance.
Also, Groudon has a Massive attack, and you may KO your opponents with Attack raisen 1 stage only,and it would be unnecessary...

Personally, I'd go for Bulk Up, making it more difficult to take down with Physical Attacks, and then hitting Hard , as a Tank should...
Rest is up to you..

Hope This Helps :)

Thank you!
no prob!
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they say offense is the best defense.
however one cannot properly choose between bulk up and swords dance without knowing the pokemons moveset so you should first tell us about its moveset.
as you see,groudon's weaknesses are water,grass and ice type which are mostly specially offensive.
groudon's sp. def is 90 and 100 hp,its good enough but most of them are specially defensive so you can easily sweep them out with your attacks.
so your attack stat should be enough to ko them,which means bulk up is better.
but the thing other than your defense and attack that you should be worried is your speed stat(if you like you can replace one of your pokemons attack with rock polish to cover this problem,if you would prefer to)
this would make groudon a good sweeper.

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