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I'm using my Groudon as a tank, and I'm using Bulk Up.
But as a Groudon he already has amazing attack. (357 Atk)
So Bulk Up's attack increase is not really necessary.
I`m thinking to replace it with a move that increases Sp. Def and Defesne, making him even more harder to kill.
Any1 has ideas?
My Groudon

Groudon@ Rindo berry
Bulk Up
Fire Punch

P.S: Soz for the green text.

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maybe get some evasiness into him like double team. please comment whether good or bad.
Double team is banned in competitive play, but if it's an in game moveset then it'd be fine.

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You want either Stockpile or Cosmic Power, and he cant learn either.

The only moves that boost his Defenses in any way are Bulk Up or Ancientpower (with some luck)

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