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my friend is planning to buy a game and he is asking me which game is better,(he is a foreign friend of mine)
he decided that his team would be.

  • mandibuzz
  • lilligant
  • gothithelle
  • samurott
  • gigalith
  • reuniclus

but we all know that gothithelle and mandibuzz is exclusive to black while lilligant and reuniclus is exclusive to white,
which should I recomend him?(he doesn't have friends that have any of those versions).


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Reuniclus and Gothitelle can both be found in the same area as each other (in their exclusive game) and are just as rare as each other, too, so that does not get us anywhere...
So far: either

Samurott and Gigalith could be easily found in both games, so that doesn't make any game stand out more than the other, either...
So far: either

Now Mandibuzz and Lilligant. Oh, I think I can find a differance here! You can find Petilil/Lilligant earlier in the game than Vullaby/Mandibuzz. And it is easier to evolve a Petilil to a Liligant (Sun Stone), so if you want a team with higher EVs from having more levels gained by trainer-battling, and having a Pokemon sooner, go White.

Final answer: White

Still, if your friend chooses Black, it his decision, not mine...
Hope this helps :D

thankss,ill recomend him your answer.