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which is the better ability for mamoswine? Ive heard that snow cloak is better but why? Most people wont summon hail and hail teams arent that common and mamoswines snow cloak only activates in hail. I think that attract is more common than hail

Snow Cloak usually is better because Mamoswine sees a lot of use with Hail teams. Also, Hail is more common than Attract in competitive. Attract only sees any use on Pokemon with awful movepools.
alright guess Im going for snow cloak then

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Attract is almost never used competitively, if it is used it is used as a gimmick. Snow-cloak is great if you are using a hail team but otherwise is useless. Mamoswines best ability is probably Thick-fat which eliminates his Fire-weakness and gives him an Ice resistance. You can get Mamoswine with Thick-fat from the Dream-world if you use the Password.

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Well I dont have black or white for dream world, this is for my soul silver game and Im not using a hail team so Im guessing oblivious would be better than snow cloak in this situation?
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Actually, competitively speaking, Snow Cloak is Mamoswines best ability. When you obtain a pokemon from the dream world to get its Dream World Ability, you cannot breed it to get egg moves. Mamoswine is a Pokemon that does rely on Egg moves. Icicle crash is much better than Ice fang, and Mammoswine loses out on Stealth Rock & Icicle Crash. Icicle Crash is stronger than the aforementioned Ice fang, and as well as Ice Shard. Stealth Rock can be used with a sash, and icicle crash can be used on more offensive sets. Although completely irrelevant, Mamoswine gains alot of useful moves from the HG SS move tutor.