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Walking 256 steps- +1
Lady on Castelia Street- +3
Using Vitamins- +5(0-99 happ.), +3(100-199 happ.), +2(200-max happ.)
Level Up- +5/6(0-99 happ.), +3/2(100-199 happ.), +2/3(199-max happ.)
Using EV Berries- +10(0-99 happ), +5(100-199 happ.), +2(200-Max happ.)

Note: Using a Soothe Bell gives all positive changes a 1.5 multiplier.

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The same way you do in all the other games. Dont let you pokemon faint,give the vitamins and berries.

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one way to raise happiness for a pokemon is that you catch it in a luxary ball. Or you could do the old fashion way by not letting it faint,give it vitamins/berries and leveling the pokemon up.

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