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where can i go to receive arceus in the website? ive searched it and i cant find where i have to go to insert the code


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After logging in, go to the bottom right and click the button that says "Promotions"
Find the Arceus event on the list and click it. Enter the code. Wake up your Pokemon and Retrieve your Arceus

The code is:


all capital and no spaces

how do i actually put a pokemon to dream? when i put it in the 'bed' and then go back, it tells me that my pokemon isnt dreaming yet... how do i enter the dream world?
go to onnline and click game sync. Thats how is sleeps.
I believe this should be a comment.
yea thats the problem when i go back to wake it up, it tells me that 'this pokemon is not dreaming yet'
i made it! am i supposed tofind arceus under that big tree?
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You have to go to the Pokemon Global Link and go to the right side of the page where it says "promotions." Make sure you go to Pokemon.com and have your own account to do this. (HOPE THIS HELPS!)