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I am now going to attempt to enter the Wi-Fi tournament held by
I have multiple questions in one:
- When is the tournament?
- Where do my Pokemon need to be Level Wise?
- How to register and where to register?

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Well, heres what I can offer:
1.) I don't know
2.) Your pokemon can be any level you want, but all pokemon's levels that are over 50 will be reduced down to lv.50
3.) Registration starts on March, 15.
Link to the website:
P.S. I was hoping to enter as well, but I can't remember my username and password, but I'm working on it! So, see ya there Jimmy-boy!
Rio or anyone do you need 6 Pokemon I only have 3 ev trained ones that are battle worthy should I train more
I think it is 6 Pokemon like always, 3 isn't enough.
The battle is, as it always was, 6.
P.S. Your welcome, SEP. @Blobyolo: I think I'll raise my pokemon from square 1.
However, SEP, we still need to do that trade, as well for you, Blobyolo. Sorry this is taking so long. :(
But we'll hopefully get it done this weekend, as well for you, Jim. TTYL!

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The Details of the starting date are currently unknown at the moment. For most Tournaments, the LV Cap is 50, which includes this one. All you need to participate is a Pokémon Trainer Club account and a copy of either game with its Game Sync ID registered at the Pokémon Global Link. To actually register, you need to go to the Global Battle Union and register at Competition Info. Once done, you need to save and register your team in the Battle Box in game and connect via the Battle Competition.

Registrations start March 15th according to This Link. Also check that Link for additional questions you might have before asking here. Hope this helps.

-Mike Y(^_^)Y

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