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If I used substitute and used iron defense 3 times(If I actually have the chance to without the substitute breaking) and a nonstab earthquake wont even break the substitute, wont it work good as a wall? Also it can carry leftovers to recover hp from substitute damage. And i dont know for sure but if it uses reflect along with the 3 iron defenses maybe the substitute will still survive even if it gets hit by a stab earthquake? Also it can use thunder/thunderbolt for the attacking move when necessary.

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This is a Terrible Strategy on Magnezone unless you abuse its Ability, Magnet Pull, to set up. If you don't run Magnet Pull on Magnezone, This strategy will fail and you're better off going with Bronzong, who only has 1 weakness if Levitate is used. It is also preferred to run Charge Beam if you are using Magnezone, to boost your Sp. Attack after setting up(Must be used with Magnet Pull). Beware of Magnezone's lackluster Sp.Defense though, and Skarmory(can use Whirlwind and phaze you out, ruining your boosts).

I suggest supporting Magnezone with a Special Wall, Cresselia being my suggestion. Cresselia resists Ground Type Moves, support with Reflect/Light Screen, and Walcial hits aimed at Magnezone when its Substitute is down. Magnezone can support it with walling Ghost/Dark Type Moves. I also suggest Wish Support in case you need immeadiate HP. Entry Hazard support is well needed to break through Focus Sashers like Cloyster, and OHKO it with STAB Thunderbolt. Definetely consider the Cresselia Idea though.

Good luck with Magnezone.

-Mike Y(^_^)Y

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yea the ability is magnet pull and its nature is calm nature. Ill test this strategy out and comment here later, I never battled anyone with this strategy yet.
I can help test it if you want, also I edited with Team suggestions.
Oh thanks but I cant battle because I dont have wifi. Or do you mean your gonna do it yourself?And thanks for the suggestion, I dont think any other pokemon can support magnezone that good. But my team is pretty much set, Im gonna post it on Battle subway once I come up with a conclusion for magnezone.
Maybe you can download PO and create your Team there so we can Test it? Here is the Link:

I really suggest adding Cresselia though, supports Magnezone so well.
Okay I might do it later
That's good then :)
Okay so I tested this thing out. I was versing a gyarados(and I was only doing this by myself, not actually versing anyone) and I let magnezone first use substitute and gyarados just keep waste turns with protect(I taught him that just for this)and then magnezone used 3 barriers. And then I let the Gyarados use earthquake and to my suprise, the substitute didnt break. Amazing!I think this is stratefy is very useful, only problem is you need to set up 4 turns to do this and alot of pokemon can take him down before he can set all that up...
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So first off, not bad. Not sure it would work, though.

The sub won't survive long. Chances are it'll break before you can even get one Iron Defense up. And besides, why would the opponent LET you set up the Iron Defenses? Even with one, non-STAB E-Quake will probably OHKO you because of the lowered health. Maybe you could survive. Also, why would you use Reflect? 3 Iron Defenses is enough, believe me. Try Light Screen as it will boost your team as well and will boost that "just-over-300-max" Sp. Defense. Also, make sure you lower his HP as much as possible to reduce Sub damage. Although that would ruin the point of lefties.

Overall, Magnezone has not much potential as a wall. In stats, sure. But in moves? Forget it. It's just too weak with that weakness to STAB E-Quake and EVEN if you get all that up (.00001 %), you could easily get OHKOd by a special Fire move, Earth Power, or even a powerful Water type move. So, basically, don't think about it. You could try, but for competitive batting, not really. THere are MUCH better walls out there.

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What are you talking about with Substitute? The more HP, less Substitute damage and you get to set up more Substitutes. Reflect is good so it can take an Earthquake well for him to use Substitute.
Sub takes away 1/4 of HP.
You still have Leftovers recovery regardless of how much it drops. So that doesn't really matter TBH.