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My friend has a shiny Zekrom with wonder guard on his pokemon white. He said he got it from a trade from our friend. He doesnt know how its shiny or with wonder guard and so don't I. What and how did that happen?

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Its hacked. Probably AR.
1:Zekrom is programmed to never be Shiny.
2:Zekrom can not have Wonder Guard.

Can Ho-Oh be shiny on Heartgold? Wait, how do they know what a shiny Zekrom looks like on Serebii if it's programmed not to be shiny?
Zekrom can be Shiny.
There was an event for the 14th movie for a Shiny Zekrom if you had Black.
Really Mew cuz i did that event and it wasn't shiny. But it did have Adamant nature:)
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True no matter how many times you try you'll never get one