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Okay, say I am battling Pokemon Trainer N and he has a Pokemon that uses Sandstorm and I have defeated 5 out of 6 Pokemon. If I get killled OHKO and his Pokemon has one HP left but I get killed first would his Pokemon die also?

Turn 1: Vanilluxe used Sandstorm (Just saying)
Turn 2: Vanilluxe held on using its Focus Band
Turn 3: Pikachu was OHKO'd
Turn 4: Would the match be over or would Vanilluxe be killed by the Sandstorm and it be a draw?


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N would win. Sorry!

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You would lose... Sorry to say. But, if BOTH of you were killed by Sandstorm, it would be a draw.

And since the game does not allow draws because they wouldn't make sense, a draw is also a loss.