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Is there a chance you can use moves like Fusion Bolt, V Create, Sacred Sword, etc?

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I remember I was batttling a trainer and I wanted to finsih him with like a signataure move and he used roar of time BUT IT MISSED! D:

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Metronome can use all moves except for those listed here: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Metronome_(move)

The only signature moves it can not do are Relic-song, Techno-blast, Secret-sword, Freeze-shock, Ice-burn, and V-create.

Note: Interestingly the signature moves that metronome can not do are either exclusive to event legends in Gen V or the ones for Kyruem Black/White forms. Also Togekiss can know metronome despite having no fingers(Though its pre-evolutions do).

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