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I evolved my Munchlax recently and it knew Metronome. I made my Snorlax use Metronome. It's PokeDex entry says,''When its belly is full, it becomes too lethargic to even lift a finger, so it is safe to bounce on its belly." Metronome says ,"The user waggles a finger and stimulates its brain into randomly using nearly any move." Snorlax cannot move a finger. I wondered then it used FLY. I was like how can a half ton cat thing fly? Can someone explain it?

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Because Snorlax is a boss.
A half ton flying cat? I know it is just a game but COME ON! Be realistic game freak!
If you came looking for realistic then you must have taken a wrong turn to have ended up with pokemon.
Why game freak? WHY???

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I know, it's weird, but there are three reasons for this:

•the pokedex has very unreliable information. For instance, Yanmega can carry a full grown adult, yet it can't learn Fly.

•it says when it's belly is full it can't move a finger, maybe it's belly is not full when using Metronome.

•Gamefreak made it as a joke, like splash.

There may be more reasons, but these ones make the most sense

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Thank you a lot, it made me understand that Pokémon made some "odd" moves and Pokémon.