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If i give an everstone to a pokemon and remove it will the pokemon evolve afterwards


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This is how the item "Everstone" works:

I gave Gastly the EVERSTONE.
I leveled Gastly up to level 25.
Gastly didn't evolve.
I took the EVERSTONE from Gastly.
I leveled Gastly up to level 26.
Gastly evolved into Haunter.

So basically the everstone just doesn't let the Pokemon evolve when it is supposed to. When you remove it and level up the pokemon that was supposed to evolve earlier it will evolve when a new level is grown.

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Just to let you know, the same thing happens in the Daycare and a wild Pokemon higher than evolution level!
Yes so it is basically just a delay.
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no. you take off the everstone, level it up one level, and it will evolve if it is past the evolution level. but not at level 100.