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I got a shiny Venasaur from GTS Black/White and Nurse Joy said it had Pokerus. I opened its summary with joy only to see a small purple face just above the item. Does this mean it has recovered? It has nothing unusual in its status. I have heard that pokerus cannot go away if your Pokemon is inside a box storage, so until I get info I am leaving it there just to be safe. Please help me. I really want to infect some pokemon but if I cant, I would like to know.


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Yep. It recovered. Simple as that.

(Thanks DT) It will still get full benefit, but cannot spread or recieve it anymore.

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For anyone who may read this, it's also important to note that when your pokemon is cured of the pokerus, it will still get the benefits from the double EVs, it just won't be able to spread the pokerus to other pokemon.
Thanks Man. By the way, I notice you have a brony icon.My friend is a big fan of the bronies!