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Im talking about gen 4 and I know you can change rotom forms in one of the D/P/Pt games and Hg/SS. But once you change its forms to lets say the heat one which is fire/electric typing. Then does it get stab on ghost attacks at all? And can you change its forms back to the original one once you've changed it? Also is it kind of like an arceus where you can just change the forms depending on your mood
I really dont understand how the forms work and I looked it up on google but I still dont understand it so can someone explain this to me in an easy way so I can understand?

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>In Generation IV, it was Electric/Ghost regardless of its form.

Source: Bulbapedia

Yes, you change him back to his original form.

It's only in Generation V that his type changes with his form.

  • When it does not possess an appliance, it is Normal Rotom, and is Electric/Ghost

  • When it possesses a microwave oven it becomes Heat Rotom, and is Electric/Fire

  • When it possesses a washing machine it becomes Wash Rotom, and is Electric/Water

  • When it possesses a refrigerator it becomes Frost Rotom, and is Electric/Ice

  • When it possesses a rotary fan it becomes Fan Rotom, and is Electric/Flying

  • When it possesses a lawn mower it becomes Mow Rotom, and is Electric/Grass

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Ok but do his stats change when he changes the form?  Or is that only for gen 5?
Then whats the point of changing its forms if the types dont change? Just the special moves they learn?
Yes, he does learn a new move for each form, and his type changes in Gen V only.
Ok and one more question. So if he changes his form to lets say the water form and he learns hydro pump right? Then what if you switch the form back to original? Will he still have hydro pump in his moveset?
Yes, he learns Hydro Pump, but no, he won't keep it. it will disappear and you will have an empty move slot.
oh alright thanks so much for the answer
Its why i joined the force  \m/o_o\m/
oh wait sorry, i had one more question. In gen 4, when the rotom changes it form to water and learns hydro pump, does it get stab on it? Since because you said its always electric/ghost
Nope, sry. Only in Gen V will he get STAB for Hydro Pump in his Wash Form. In Gen IV he will only get STAB from Electric & Ghost types, no matter what form.
alrighty:) Thanks again!
anything else, feel free to ask.
Actually Uberpwnage he does not get an empty slot he gets Thunder-shock, but it is about the same in usefulness.