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I am playing soul silver & I want one to have on an in game team so I want to know which has more advantages.I don't want a crappy answer based on opinion or how scizor is more common, I want something based on stats, level up moves, resistances ect.

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Stats: Scizor has base 500, Steelix base 510. However, Steelix only has great Defense (well, spectacular) but the rest of his stats aren't worth using.
Level-Up Moves: Steelix can learn the fangs, plus some Ground moves and some Dragon ones towards the end of its leveling up. Scizor gets a wide variety of types including Dark moves, Bug moves, Rock moves, and Steel moves. They both are good.

Steelix would have to win. Personally I prefer Scizor, but Steellix is a great defender and learns many great coverage moves. Also, Steelix can really help you with almost all the gyms, and is very helpful with Clair. Hope I helped!!!

So you'd rather use steelix than scizor in an OU battle? :P
Commenting on half-year old posts won't get you anywhere...

But this was in-game.