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im really having trouble with picking a steel type in my team. which is generally better competitively? so far i have skarmory in my team but thinking of replacing it since his attack is really bad

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It's attack is not really terrible, I'd say. If you EV train it.

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Well Skarm is a very defensive poke. If you require more of an offensive punch into your team, then scizor is a great choice. Here is an extremely common moveset for you to use.

Scizor (M) @ Choice Band
Technician Ability
252 Atk Evs 248 HP Evs 8 Spe Evs

Bullet Punch

The answer is completely up to you. Hope this helped!

super power isnt avqailable if ur breeding in gen 5
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so that applies to comments too?
im actually thinking of using aggron even though his weaknesses are so bad but his appearance is so cool and he has head smash.
aggron works!
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Skarmory is more of a support pokemon. He can set up stealth rocks or use tailwind both of which give u an advantage in a battle. Skarmory also gets roar to scare away all pokemon trying to set up on you. Scizor is use mostly for its raw power. his bullet punch is a great priority attack that gets a tachnician boost and a STAB boost. HE also gets STAB U-Turn or X-Scissor.After a single swords dance his bullet punch is an attack that can potentially sweep a team.