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Well Im wondering if Typhlosion's Fire Blast should be changed because of the low accuracy. Are there any suggestions to replace it with.

What are it's other moves? And nature, evs, etc. It's really important to know that stuff before making a final choice.

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If you're going for a competitive Typhlosion, don't waste your moveslots with Physical moves. He's got about the same attack power as Mienfoo, so if you want to run a physical fire type, you're better off using something like Arcanine or Infernape. Typhlosion doesn't have time to screw around with stuff like Aerial Ace or Rock Slide, and he definitely doesn't have any time for using Howl.

I can't believe there was only one mention of eruption. It's practically his signature move. He's one of the few pokemon in the game capable of learning it, and he's easily one of the best candidates for the move. typhlosion is a pretty frail pokemon, so if he gets hit with somehing, he's probably not going to survive it. If you're concerned about stealth rock of something, then consider using Fire Blast or Overheat as a second fire move, that way you can activate Blaze when his health falls, and you constantly have a powerful fire move at your disposal. In that situation, any of the fire moves will work pretty well.

Some other noteworthy moves are:

Flamethrower (for blaze activation, but more reliability than fire blast or Overheat)

Lava Plume (if you want to spam a burn chance, though I like the way the move looks, I would just run Scald on a bulkier pokemon or use Will-O-wisp with something Typhlosion doesn't have time to screw around)

Focus Punch (the only reason I would suggest a physical move on him is to break through Chansey or Blissey)

Extrasensory is good if you're choiced, and you need to break through something like Infernape. Not to mention the occasional flinching is nice.

solarbeam is great on him, but rarely does a sunny day set work well, especially if he has to hold a heat rock. Just use sun support from Vulpix/Ninetales if you really want the full effect.

Hidden power is a godsend for Typhlosion, as it gives him the coverage he needs. Grass can break through all his weaknesses, Ice can hit dragons, ground can deal with stuff like Heatran, barring a Balloon of course, or you can fit it to what he may need.

While unreliable, Focus Blast is a move you'll see on him every now and then, mainly for the coverage, and the fact that it can help him ground Heatran.

really? a lot of the stuff your saying is true but no.
since typlosion is a special attacker have him use sunny day at full hp and then eruption.
by the way typlosion is not frail even if the foe is like 2-5 lvls higher. if you train one right he could be a power house of your team.
i have a lvl 100 one and man hes strong.
basically if it has the right stats for his speed and Sp. attk, typlosion can be your foes worst nightmare
DT meant that his defenses are frail. Meaning typhlosion can't take more than one or two hits without fainting.
DT is referring to competitive where everything is level 100. Also many Pokemon have moves that destroy Typhlosion like Earthquake.
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Well, being totally optimistic, just some useful moves I thought of:

1.) Earthquake
2.) Solar Beam
3.) Brick Break
4.) Flamethrower (as Jimmy said)
5.) Aerial Ace
6.) Wild Charge
7.) Shadow Claw (maybe)

Out of these moves, I would say:

[email protected] Heat Rock (Fire Gem if your not going with the Solar Beam combo)
Trait: Blaze
EVs: 252 SAtk / 252 Spd / 4 SDef
Nature: Modest (+SAtk, -Atk)
Sunny Day (If you want to pull off the Solar Beam Combo. If not, Wild Charge)
Solar Beam (Or Brick Break if your not doing the Solar Beam combo)
Flamethrower (STAB)
Earthquake (Awesome move)

Hope this helped :D

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How about a Heat Rock so Sunny Day lasts 8 turns instead of 5??
Thanks,Sorry if this was a stupid question.
Next time, put the other moves, items, etc. for more accurate and detailed answers.
He's looking for a move to replace Fire Blast. What are you saying? I answered the question greatly (IMO)
@Rio: that comment about "Next Time,..." was not to you, it was to Drake. He posted "Thanks,Sorry if this was a stupid question." as an answer and then i commented, but a Mod must have moved them to your answer. The comment meant for you, Rio, was the Heat Rock one. Sry. You are right, it is an awesome answer
I'm going to have to disagree with this moveset idea. Everything about the physical moveset (Wild Charge, Brick Break, Earthquake, Flamethrower) conflicts with Typhlosion. It makes use of his weaker stat, so you're not using him to his fullest ability, espeically since you give him no EVs in attack, as well as a nature that cuts his attack. Any benefit Typhlosion gets from the fire gem he would get in return and then some using the choice specs. He may get locked into a  move with it, but because of his raw power, anything that's not a major wall, appropriate typing, or a good ability won't be able to break through him completely.

Sunny Day sets Seldom do anything more than fainting a single pokemon with Typhlosion. While he can use it and gain an advantage, he will be open for a free attack setting up the sun, which he just cannot afford to do. He's not bulky enough to take a hit. He's also not the fastest pokemon around, considering how prevelant set up and just plain fast sweepers there are now, so it could easily be two turns before you even begin to make an offensive move. Your opponent is not going to let you last that long. Solarbeam and flamethrower are really the two good moves here, and Solarbeam isn't viable at all without sun support outside of typhlosion's control (this is what vulpix and Ninetales are for) and you can stand to use a stronger move if you're just gonna have a heat rock or fire gem, and the OP had Fire blast in place, so if anything, that conflicts even more.
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But yeah, I just thought putting in a moveset would be a nice addition, and if you personally thinks it isn't great, I hear-by give you permission to change it. Umm... Thanks?
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There aren't really any fire type moves I know of that give an accuracy boost, but if you don't mind the loss of Sp. Atk, you could teach it Overheat.

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I would go with Flamethrower. Decent damage and positive accuracy.

Ok im back,sorry.
Thank you Rapidash43856 and SpikeyEaredPichu    
 I think I might use a Power Herb,and/or get the other STAB from flamethrower.
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I would put flamethrower sp Att and 95 ac :)

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i think Ou should try out these:
1)Eruption (learns when leveling up)
2)Flamethrower(leveling up)
3)Rock Slide(I don't remember if it was levelinh up or a tm)
4)Focus Blast(Goldern Rod City Department Store)
Trust me i can now beat the e4 and champ over and over again just wiith him in my party lv100.