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Those are the strongest move of Fire-type. So which is better?

Blast burn is sometimes better in 1v1.
I think you should dump EVERYTHING, and just use Flamethrower or Heat Wave.
Sometimes fire blast is necessary to one-shot a certain threat.

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Fire Blast, while having lower accuracy, is better than Blast Burn. This is because Blast Burn requires two turns instead of one. Blast Burn isn't really used at all because of that extra turn used.

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Fire Blast - Fire Blast deals damage and has a 10% chance of burning the target. Fire type Pokémon, those with the ability Water Veil or those behind a Substitute cannot be burned. Base power 110, Accuracy 85.
Blast Burn - User must recharge next turn. Base power 150, Accuracy 90.

For me, Fire Blast is the way to go.

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Well after Blast Burn dealing lots of damage you have to recharge while with Fire Blast you can keep using it.

Well I personally think Fire Blast is better only because it doesn't recharge.

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I believe that fire blast is better solely because blast burn needs to recharge
This means that over the coarse of two turns , in reality , fire blast does 220 damage while blast burn does only 150

It is also worse if you are in a tight spot
So all-in-all fire blast is better in a tight spot

I would say for weaker Pokemon blast burn would be better and "tanky" Pokemon should have fire blast

But if you wish not to go with "slow and steady wins the race" and wish to sprint and burn energy so thst you need to recharge then blast burn is for you

NB this is mostly my opinion
Thanks for valuing it
But feel free to have your own