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Okay so I recently got pokemon nobunga's ambition and im wondering if you can evolve a pokemon there. Well, can you?

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Your description is different than your question.
What is nobunga's ambition?
thats because its to questions.
Oh okay
itsa Japanese game about conquering different kingdoms that recently had a crossover with pokemon. it was released on march 17 but will mostly only remain in japanese. all its details are here:

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To evolve a Pokemon you need to evolve them at the level they evolve at. To evolve a Pokemon like Eevee you need to evolve it at a night time scene or a day time scene with high happiness. Not many people have played this so as far as anyone knows it is impossible to encounter shiny Pokemon in Nobunaga's Ambition.

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but in this game I have a bunch of pokemon like charmander and jigglypuff and darumaka who are in there 30 levels. Is it like mystery dungeon where you evolve pokes?
I'm not to sure. Check this link out :
Skip to around the end, the boy's Eevee evolves into an Umbreon.
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okay thanks. Turns out the evolution level is much higher. Starly fro example evolves at lv 40!
Thanks :D
My Eevee evolved into Glaceon :D