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So, in Pokémon Ultra Sun I was casually grinding in the Wela Volcano Park, and then I run into a shiny beautiful white MALE salandit? The only reason I am asking this question is because I have seen the glitch in Pokémon Sword and Shield that allows a male Salandit to evolve into a FEMALE Salazzle. So, would this glitch work in Ultra Sun, if anyone knows if it does, please help me.

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The party item offset glitch, allowing you to evolve a Pokemon (or unhatched egg) by giving certain items to a different Pokemon of the same species, is specific to the menu interface that was implemented in Sword and Shield. It can't be used in earlier games, though of course you do have the option of migrating the Pokemon forward into Home, taking it out in Sword or Shield, and using it there.

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