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>I am asking because its not the same color as the regular Toxicroak.

Regular Toxicroak
Shiny Toxicroak

But it doesn't have the Sparkles like Ash's Noctowl

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It is not shiny.

The only shiny Pokemon ever to appear in the anime are the ones listed in the source.


Who downvoted?
Is something wrong with it if so tell me I dont like Incorrect answers
It isn't incorrect, check the link. Serebii never lies.
OK Checked It sorry for the doubt got scared for a minute.
It's okay. Thanks for the people who upvoted me :D God, I hope the random downvoting me ends.
Actually.. Serebi has given some faulty info in the past Example: To pass down DW abilities in breeding they also have to have the same species. That is gone now(I think) but they did have that at some about a year ago.