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1.Ditto used Transform on Bidoof!
3.Ditto has no moves left!
So, will Ditto use Transform again, or will it use Struggle?

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NO I'm pretty sure that Ditto would use The Bidoof's Moves ;)
But if you meant to put Bidoof's name were you put Ditto's name then yes it would use struggle :) Or If your saying when Ditto uses Transform on bidoof and all his moves have 0 PP then yes It would use Struggle.
I love Weird things ¯(°_o)/¯

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no, Dr. Flame mean if Ditto runs outta PP(of Bidoof's moves)......
I think that is what he means also.
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stuggle is when you have no moves left so all you can do is do SOME damage and hurt yourself

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