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If you used destiny bond, how quickly would you have to get knocked out for it to have it's effect?

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Till the end of the turn.

Lets say this:
Turn 1: Haunter used destiny bond
Zekrom used Swords dance
Turn 2: Haunter used shadow ball
Zekrom used dragon claw, Haunter faints but zekrom doesn't.

But if haunter fainted from zekrom's attack the turn it used destiny bond, zekrom would faint too.

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Not necessarily true. I have a wobbufet in shield and it used destiny bond on a pelliper and the round ended the next round it use air slash and killed wobbufet and pelliper so I think it lasts for a round or 2 after it was used
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When Destiny Bond is used, until the user moves again, if the user faints as the direct result of an attack the attacking Pokémon also faints. If the user takes another turn (including 'inactive' turns such as those spent sleeping or flinching), the effect disappears.

Basically, if you used Destiny Bond move second the turn after Destiny Bond was used and get KO'd, it still counts. It also wears off if you switch Pokemon. :P

Source, I knew the other answer was wrong due to using Destiny Bond a lot in Showdown!. :P

Hope I Helped!

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