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I was wondering what moves,abilities,etc go with Float Stone. I have one, but I have no idea what to do with it.
(I am talking about Pokemon White.)

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The Float Stones cuts a Pokemon's weight in half, therefore reducing the damage caused by weight based moves such as Low Kick, Heavy Slam, and Grass Knot.
However, the move Heat Crash does more damage if a Pokemon's weight is lower, so that is one disadvantage. But you could have a different Pokemon use Trick or Switcheroo then switch Pokemon and have them use Heat Crash to deal more damage.
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U just copied my ideas
Not neccessarily I just used all possible examples including a couple different ones
What are the moves Switcheroo and Heat Crash now called in the games?
Secret Switch and Heat Stamp
Thank you Rapidash43856 :)
Not a problem ;)