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I’m just curious, would Light Metal stack with a Float Stone? I realize that if the answer is yes, that it’s likely going to halve the halved weight, making it only a quarter of its original weight, but still, that might come in handy for weight based moves.

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Weight-modifying effects
From Generation V onward, there are several effects that can modify a Pokémon's weight in battle. They are applied in the order they are listed below.

A Pokémon that uses Autotomize has its base weight decreased by 100 kg (220 lbs.) each time it uses the move and successfully changes its Speed.
A Pokémon with the Ability Heavy Metal or Light Metal functions as twice or half its previously determined weight, respectively.
A Pokémon holding a Float Stone functions as half its previously determined weight.


While the source directly doesn't say that they are stacked, it does say that Float Stone's effect is applied after Light Metal / Heavy Metal, which we can assume that it stacks, therefore it can be said it has 1/4 or quarter of its weight.

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