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Yes. All Pokémon that Get Light Metal are Steel Types, which could use more weight from Heavy Metal for/against Heavy Slam and already don't take much damage from Grass Knot either, due to typing. :P
It depends on what you're using them for.
I agree witn @stakatacool.
But most steel types don't use heavy slam anyways and are weak to low kick.
@sumwun, all the Pokemon who have heavy metal as a hidden ability know heavy slam, as well.
Each Pokemon has only 4 move slots. Just because it can learn a move doesn't mean it's good at using the move.
Also can you please call me "sumwun" and not "Sumwum"? Thanks.
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As Stakatacool said, Heavy Metal is better, mainly because weight-based moves like Grass Knot or Sky Drop are not very effective on Steel types, and the only thing you’ll have to fear is Low Kick, and still then, Steel types usually have high Defense.

And with Heavy Slam, its base power goes up to 120, which, with STAB, adds up to a total of 180 base power. You can do tremendous damage with Metal Coat, if your Steel type has high Attack, both Ingame and competitively.

Even then, not many Pokémon use Low Kick, as it’s not really viable to rely on the opponent’s weight to deal damage, so most Pokémons will opt for more powerful moves like Hammer Arm, Close Combat or Superpower.

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According to bulbapedia
Due to the way how low kick and grass knots damage is calculated , Metagross (i think scizor and registeel too. But not sure) will take same amount of damage with or without light metal. Which makes light metal more wastefull.