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ive tried to follow the instructions but i dont get it help please

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please can someone help me!!
What don't you get i need more info

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I believe the event is over but if not heres what you do:
1)Go to the title screen
2)Select Mystery gift from title screen
3)Select receive from wifi(Not sure if it says wifi or something else i think its wireless network, you also need access to wifi)
4) Receive either Zekrom or Reshiram depending on your game
5)go to the pokemon center and pick up your pokemon you need a free space in your slot

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Can you get even if you havent completed the game
yes you can
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Ok u get it like any other event pokemon mystery gift and yes u can get even if u just started the game I started a new game and I was at the first gym leader and I had reshiram(pokemon white)

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