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Okay I just got this game today and I am really really confused.
1) My DS doesnt say the thing "connect to wii" for some reason. My friends did but not any of my DS games(I tried 2 DS's and soulsilver game and Diamond game.) So how can I get it to say connect to wifi?
2) How exactly do you copy your pokemon from soulsilver to PBR?
3)Once you transfer it, can you return it back to soulsilver?
4)I know you cant use hacked pokemon for wifi battles but how about for battling with your friend? Can you still use hacked pokemon? And is the 31 IV for all stats considered hack for that game?
Any additional info is appreciated.

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4- Actually, you can. I've tested and done it. It had all sorts of hacked stuff on it. Shiny + Modified EVs/IVs + Jolly Nature. I think I put even more on it.
.....With this. +6 Baton Pass'd Attack + Choice Scarf + Close Combat = Death.

SF is probably right about everything else.

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Okay how about the cheat when the evs exceed over 510? will they still let me play?
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1) Have you gone to the option on the Battle revolution game where it says to download to storage?
2) See above.
3) You do not transfer you copy, it does not effect your SS game at all.
4) See TKL's answer

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