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I plan to copy Mysterial's entire Set 8 team from Battle Revolution for... no particular reason lol. I would just like some opinions on the optimal natures, EVs, and possibly IVs for this team, keeping their exact items and movesets in mind.


EDIT: This team is kinda just to flex, or to use to mess with CPUs on PBR. I do not plan to take this team into the newer games (they will be staying in Platinum, and I already planned out which games I'll need to trade them over from) or go competitive with said team. But I do want the best out of each Pokémon.

I guess this team's style is Rain-Sweep?

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Normally we would not allow teambuilding posts here -- especially not something as gimmicky as this. But I'm going to allow it once because I'm curious how people would deal with posts like this. I'm going to turn the title into a real question, though.
You would help potential answerers a lot if you could explain what you want to use this team for.
This team is basically to flex or use to mess with CPUs on PBR. That's really it. But I want the absolute best out of each member.

P.S. Pardon me for stating this in an answer too lol I'm new to this site.
You should probably just use whatever Smogon recommends. A few people still play Gen 4, and most of them ban all 6 of those Pokemon when they play Gen 4.

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Palkia: 4 Def/252 SpA/252 Spe timid
Kyogre: 4 Def/252 SpA/252 Spe modest
Mewtwo: 4 HP/252 SpA/252 Spe timid
Latios: 4 Def/252 SpA/252 Spe timid
Lugia: 252 HP/64 Def/192 Spe timid
Manaphy: 80 HP/252 SpA/176 Spe timid

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