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Okay, here we go:

1). Is if possible for my Rental Pass Pokémon to ever get to there final stage in evolution? (Ie. Monferno —> Infernape)
(I ask because the introduce legendaries and that makes it harder)

2). Can I transfer the Special Pikachu I earn upon finishing the game to one of my games?

3). Does my Rental Pass ever change at all? ('Cause I know I don't get an Exp. of anything...)

4). Do I just re-battle coliseums when the game is done or is there some sort of challenge I need to do?

5). Is there any current plans of something like Battle Revolution to come out? (I know it was based on Pokémon Coliseum, so maybe they will continue the line of animated battling? Idk)

A special thanks to anyone who knows the answers!

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1.) Nope, sorry.

2.) Yes, but it needs to know Surf.
>This Pokémon must forget the move Surf in order to be able to be sent to Pal Park or Poké Transfer. -Bulbapedia

3.) Some parts of it.
>The design of the Rental Pass cannot be changed, nor can the body type of the Trainer on it, but everything else about the pass can be customized. -Bulbapedia

I'm pretty sure you can change the item somehow, but since you can't get exp..... I'm pretty sure you can't change the moves.

4.) You can get Electrivire and Magmortar with these codes:
Electrivire: BA16-X4SH-E2AT
Magmortar: B416-X4HT-VTWF
5.) Not that I know of, but there could be XD

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