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Which would be more useful? Both will act as my lead with stealth rock. However donphan has better defensive typing, rapid spin, and better defense stat making him live longer. Mamoswine can sweep, stealth rock and thats pretty much it. He's pretty frail and has a very bad defensive typing. This is my team if it really matters for this question:Magnezone(bulky version),breloom, houndoom, gyarados(bulky version),gengar. So would donphan or mamoswine be more effective for this team?


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Ok, you already have two bulkys and 2-3 sweepers( is your breloom a sweeper?). I'd say go with a lead bulky, which means Donphan. If I'm not mistaken Donphan's only real lead weaknesses are LeadPert, which is quite rare, and Mamoswine, which won't OHKO with ice shard due to Sturdy. I'd use the following:

[email protected]
Nature- Impish (+Def, -SAtk)

Ability: Sturdy

EV's: 252 HP, 252 Def, 4 SDef/ 4 Atk


-Stealth Rock
-Rapid Spin

Strategy: You stated you wanted a Stealth Rocker, so here it is. Stealth Rock, to Stealth Rock. Rapid Spin to make sure your Houndoom/Gyrados aren't screwed over by rocks. Earthquake to make sure you can deal some damage before leaving. The last move is up to you. Toxic+Rocks will annoy your opponent to no end. Roar is beautiful when used with Rocks, and I'm sure that needs no explanation. Knock-Off is a great annoyer to get rid of the enemies item. I prefer Toxic, but like I said it's up to you. For EV's, 252 HP and 252 Def makes you the perfect tank. Then just dump 4 into whatever you feel you want.


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I dont think leadpert is rare, I see it alot on common ou teams actually. But Im talking about gen 4 right now so maybe your assuming gen 5?
Also I have the same exact moveset as yours above but I have assurance instead of toxic so that it can kill spin blockers as well. Do you think thats a good idea or should i be replacing it with something else? (I prefer not toxic because then my breloom isnt guaranteed to spore everything)
Hey Stryker! have not heard from you in a while.
Really? I use leadpert gen 5 and 4 but i dont see it too much... but like i said sturdy should prevent it from getting raped by swampert. assurance is very good for spin blockers like you said. And okay, since your breloom is a spore user (i wasnt sure..) i would use assurance like you said. Gengar is very, VERY annoying (which is why i enjoy using him :)), so assurance would be very nice. Im actually not too fond of knock off/roar on this set i just added it in case. So to answer your question, I say keep assurance. Hope that helps and please ask if you need anything else! And hey Speed! Long time no see man! Hows it going?
Sturdy doesn't work in Gen IV as it does in Gen V. In fact, it is completely useless in competitive Gen IV.
i think mamoswine is better
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Donphan- It has great defense and it can take more hits than Mamoswine. It is a perfect Stealth Rocker and it can survive with one HP because of Sturdy.

Donphan @ Leftovers
Nature- Relaxed/Impish
Ability- Sturdy
EV's-252 Attack,252 Defense,4 HP

Stealth Rock
Rapid Spin
Roar/Ice Shard

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Check the bolding....
There we go :)
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personally go with donphan beacause donphan can learn all the moves people use with mamoswine plus donphan is a tank mine knows is a donphan with:

[email protected]/kingsRock
EV's: 252(Def)252(Atk)4(sp.Def)
-Ice shard
-Play Rough

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I think Donphan because your team have low defense. You say that you will use him to lead and that is good. Don´t switch him out because a good defensive pokemon is the best lead pokemon(in my opinion). If you switch out him, you will lose a big advantage. Here is some movesets to use if you want(all with Stealth Rock).

Stealth Rock
Thunder Fang
Rapid Spin

Stealth Rock
Fire Fang
Horn Attack

Stealth Rock
Giga Impact
Gyro Ball
Fire Fang

Hope this help :)