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This is the only site that you can depend on for pokemon answers,and I want to get Eevee's evolved forms in Pokemon Black Version.I've been searching and I'm hoping that this site will stay the way it is.

i read that u can find leafeon near that mossy rock in pinwheel forest and glaceon in tist mountain near the icy rock.but it not true
You need to level eevee up near Moss/Icy rock.

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Well, you'll need to evolve them from an Eevee, and unfortunately, you can't get an Eevee in Black. If you do get an Eevee, though, here's where you can get the Eeveelutions.
: Level up Eevee near Moss Rock in Pinwheel Forest.
Glacion: Level up Eevee near Icy Rock in Twist Mountain
Umbreon: Level up Eevee while full happiness at nighttime.
Espeon: Level up Eevee while full happiness at daytime.
Vaporeon: Use water stone on Eevee
Flareon: Use fire stone on Eevee
Jolteon: Use thunder stone on Eevee

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nice pokemon skills Dr.Flame
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haha eeveelutions XD
My favorite Eeveelution is Leafeon
i like them all, but my faves are vaporeon, glaceon, espeon and umbreon
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You will need to transfer Eevee in from an older game, or trade via GTS. Some of the pokemon are used by trainers after defeating the elite four.

Vaporeon/Jolteon/Flareon: Use the Waterstone/Thunderstone/Firestone respectivly. These can be found in dust clouds in caves.
Espeon: Level up with maximum happiness during the day.
Umbreon: Level up with maximum happiness during the night.
Glaceon: Level up on the bottom floors of Twist Mountain
Leafeon: Level up inside Pinwheel Forest.