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This is for my school tourney, I forgot to mention.
I have a Level 1 battle. Doubles. I need a good Special and Physical for my team. Wondering what those two are.

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Porygon-Z can be level one if you trade holding the upgrade and then again with the dubious disk. It has a base 135 S.Attack, the highest any Non-legendary that can be a lvl. 1 (through an event in HG/SS you can get an egg with either Giratina, Dialga, or Palkia, and Dialga and Palkia have 150 S.Attack). I am not sure the EXACT stat at level 1 but it would be the highest without special boosts(EG. Clamperl like GhostTypes said). He also has a great movepool.

Escavalier has the highest non-boosted Attack of all Pokemon capable of being level one. 135 base Attack (the same Base Attack as Porygon-Z's Base Special Attack). Also if this is a lvl 1 battle he can learn Mega-horn by breeding which could prove VERY useful.

Light-ball Pikachu has not only high Special-Attack but High Attack as well, so take him into consideration.

Also if you plan on using Escavalier and this is doubles, then I reccomend using....

Vaporeon to cover his weakness to fire, Vaporeon learns some of its best moves by TM and Breeding which helps with lvl. 1 battles.

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I know this is old, but just here to say the Pokemon with the highest base attack that can be obtained at level 1 is Mega Heracross with 185 base.
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based on stats and availability at level one, your two candidates are:

Absol: Base 130 Attack

Clamperl (Holding Deepsea tooth): Base 74 Special Attack

Absol's Max attack @ level 1: 8

Clamperl's Max spec attack at level 1 (holding deepsea tooth): 14

If you don't want to use clamperl, use Gorebyss!

Gorebyss Max Spec attack at level 1: 8