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if so what nature?


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Outrage(you said it)
Ice fang(covers grass types)
Earthquake(covers electric types)
aqua tail(stab) or waterfall(if you don't want aqua tail and stab)

could i use aqua jet insted of aqua tail?
You can but feraligator isn't that slowif you don't want to use aqua tail use waterfall
waterfall it is cuz i need a waterfaller anyway and i dont care 4 garydose
When I faced a garydose in platinum waterfall destroyed me its pretty good
insted of ice fang wa about ice punch cuz its got 10 more power
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Yes, it can I would reccomend making it hold a Persim Berry, because it cures confusion. I would go with Adament nature. (+ Attack -SpA)
Hope This Helped :D

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Yes, he can use outrage well, and if you want a nature, pick Modest, Naughty or Adamant. Those specialize in attack and special attack. There is more, but your gonna hafta go to bulpedia.com to figure that out.