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I want one,
and I know it is in the
Trophy garden but how EXACTLY
do you catch one???


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I want one for a battle against regigigas
at the snowpoint temple.
so I can use,
Atract it and/or Paralyse it.
and then catch it.
Good reason.
Thanks :P

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You can catch Minun in the Pokemon Mansion Trophy Garden, on Route 212. You must already have the National Dex. Talk to Mr. Backlot, and he will tell you about a certain Pokemon that was not in the Trophy Garden before. This exotic Pokemon changes daily, so keep checking until you get Minun.

Another way to get Minun would be to migrate him from Pokemon Emerald, via Pal Park.

Good luck!

Hope this helps =)

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My way easier
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After you get the national dex go to blacklot before talking to him save talk to him if he doesn't saw mining turn off and talk to him again repeat until he says minun go to grass
5% chance you'll find him and its at level 16-18

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After obtaining the National Dex, you can find one in the Trophy Garden...or you can always trade!

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