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I'm talking about Pokemon that have no types that are super-effective against them.
I know the 3 of them are:

  • Sableye (Because of typing)

  • Spiritomb (Because of typing)

  • Eelektross (Because of Levitate)


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Just edit it back xD. I would have done all that for nothing.
How about shedninja with wonder guard?
It is still super effected by fire, rock, ghost etc.

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I don't know what your question is, so ill go both ways. NO POKEMON IS INVINCIBLE. Those 3 with Wonder Guard will be invincible to attacks.
Those are the only 3 Pokemon with no weakness though. Plus ??? Types, and Shadow Pokemon.

One of those 3 with Wonder Guard can be killed by:
Status like Toxic or Burn.
Abilities like Bad Dreams.
Things such as Sand, Hail, burn, and such hits just fine.
Other forms of indirect damage such as a Rugged Helmet.
Then you have Mold Breaker and its variants.
You can also remove Wonder Guard through a move such as Gastro Acid.
Struggle can also damage a Pokemon with Wonder Guard, although this is not very reliable seeing as more likely you'll end up KOing yourself.
And Fire Fang also for some random reason hits a foe with Wonder Guard and damages them, although only for Gen IV.
Beat Up can also hit in Gen IV.
Probably some others.

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Take Spiritomb: Because it is Dark/Ghost, no type is Super effective against it without help (Miracle Eye, etc.) or Eelektross. Its one weakness is Ground, but thanks to Levitate, it is immune, and thereby, super effected by nothing.

My question: are there other Pokemon like this that (thanks to types or abilities) are super effected by NO types??
Those are the only 3 Pokemon with no weakness though. Plus ??? Types, and Shadow Pokemon.
The only Pokemon with No types super effective to it are Sableye, Spiritomb, and Eelektross(because of levitate). However any electric type that uses Magnet-rise temporarily has no weaknesses.


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Also pure electric types with magnet rise and in rain bronzong also has no weakness with levitate.
Actually Blob Bronzongs Fire-weakness is not entirely eliminated with Rain, it is reduced to 1.5.
I remember reading about 5 pokemon like this. Then i realized, It's Eelektross whole family (Tynamo & Eelektrik). Thank you for everyone's input and help and sry if you now feel like i wasted your time. At least i'm now sure there is only 5.