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Once again, curiosity. I'd really love to hear what all of you guys think.


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These questions are not aloud but ill answer it anyway.

Charizard, in the Kanto Region, is super effective to 1 gym(though hes my favorite starter of his region because his special attack is so high, hes good against all the gyms).
Venasaur is super effective to 3 gyms(though hes probably the worst, moveset wise of all he starters)
Blastoise is super effective to 3 gyms also(hes the "ok" pokemon of this region.)
For Kanto, I would go wiot Charizard, Because of stats.

Meganium, in the Johto gyms is super effective to none of the gyms(once again, the worst pokemon of this region)
Typhlosion(my favorite of this region having the same stats as charizard)is super effective to 3 gyms.
Feraligatr(the middle starter of this region) is super effective to none of the gyms.

Sceptile(the middle pokemon in this region, hoenn) I super effective to 2 gms)
Blaziken(the worst by a little tiny bit) is super effective to none of the gyms).
Swampert(the best of them all) is super effective to 3 of the gyms.

Torterra(the best of the sinnoh starters) is super effective to 3 gyms.
Infernpae(the worst by very little) is super effective to 3 gyms too.
Empoleon is super effective to 1 gym in sinnoh.

Overall, I like Charizard

Sorry Swampert. Didn't read any of the answers before I answered. I hid my question.
Ditto, however my Arcanine can kick the crap out of my Charizard on Pearl
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It really doesn't matter, what matters are the 5 pokemon you use to compliment it. choose which one you like the most.

for instance, my kanto starter was charmander. Charmander is the "hardest" because it has a disadvantage to the 1st 2 gym leaders, but I got a mankey, pikachu, and bellsprout to compliment it.

Cyndaquil, my johto starter, has the advantage against a good amount of gym leaders, but I have the rest of the team to pick up the slack.

but if you must.
Kanto-bulbasaur has the most advantages

Johto-Cyndaquil has the best matchups (and his squinty eyes are to die for)

Hoenn-Mudkip, only one predictable weakness at its full stage, plus it can destroy most of the gym leaders

my soulsilver party has quilava, marshtomp and ivysaur! :)
Bulbasaur :3
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Based on FACTS rather than opinion, different types can be more advantageous at the start for the game because of the gym typing.

In Kanto, the first two gyms are rock then water, so grass (i.e. Bulbasaur) is best followed by water (Squirtle).

In Johto the first is flying and the second bug type, so Fire is better there (Cyndaquil).

Hoenn is rock then fighting then electric, so grass is probably best (Treecko). Water is good for the beginning as long as you pick up a Geodude or something to tackle the electric gym.

Sinnoh is rock then grass so any would be fine really.

Torchic can easily beat the First gym leader because of Double Kick. It is also easy to beat Electric/Steel types.
Swampert beats the water, aND Electric gym, no problem, once he evolves. Put in a good tailow for fighting.
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I know its Awesome Swampert which I loove in emerald(no electricity damage, and it can learn ice type moves for those pesky grass types)LONG LIVE SWAMPERT

Mmhmmm. Swampert is my all time favorite starter.
NO DUH! its da bomb!
My favorite water starter. Feraligatr=overrated.
I agree, look at my name! Feraligatr is ovrated.
i luv mudkip
so cute with the head fin!
BlazikenX, please stop commenting on these old questions.