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Actually, they are NOT "anywhere". Here is a list of all the rare candies in the game:
•route 2- HM strength
•route 3- dowsing machine and HM surf needed.
•route 13- Gift
•route 16- HMyycut and strength
•Pinwheel forest- dowsing machine
•Lostorn Forest- HM surf and waterfall
•Desert Resort- dowsing machine
•Nimbasa City- Gift
•Mistralton Cave- HM strength, TM Flash recommended
•Chargestone Cave
•Twist Mountain- dowsing machine
•Icirrus City- Winter Only
•Anville Town- Gift
•Victory Road
•Abundant Shrine- HM surf
•N's Castle- In one of the rooms
*Route 13- Surf and dowsing machine
•Gear Station- 48 BP each good luck
"Eat me! I am so delicious you will gain a level!"

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Don't forget Royal Unova. Battle and beat 7 trainers on Sunday and win one Rare Candy. Note: You can only battle in the evening.
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Go to Anville town once a day, and then some awesome guy will sometimes give you multiple rare candies, sometimes other cool things, like carbos and calcium.

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