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There are loads and this is a good question im gonna do a few then a quik run down on them.

Click here Ok that has Smogons veiw on Porygon-2.
But as for my veiw its not got bad stats in fact they are very good for a second evolution.
85HP 90Def and 95SpDef are not bad with evolite its def becomes 135 and spdef becomes 147, correct me if im wrong.
So they are great walling stats plus it has great offence and a nice movepool.
It has access to recover which makes this guy twice as hard to take down, it can take almost any hit appart from a stab close combat from someone like terrakion, which doesnt meet in the UU tier porygon 2 is in though he works just as well in OU.
It has access to stab tri attack which is sure to do some neutral damage as well as possibly cripple them.
105 spatk is not bad for a wall, so utilize its gift and try some offensive moves.
I use
252hp 252def 4spdef
-Ice beam
-Toxic/Thunder wave
Ok this is the set i have used allot and it is great for countering pokemon such as heatran in OU or houndoom in OU being able to copy there ability with trace then absorb there fire attacks.
It has access to the boltbeam combo as shown which covers allot then it can cripple with toxic or thunder wave.
Analytic is also an option for an ability that strengthens moves when moving last which is good with its base 60 speed.
moving on now.

Dusclops has 135 in each defs making it have nearly 200 in each def, being ghost it also has some great resistances such as an immunity to normal and fight which completly walls some annoying pokemon like fake out, last resort ambipom.
Low Hp is no biggy thanks to pain split recovering your hp but lowering theres.
It has access to night shade and seiscmis toss which is good for when you are going to get taunted or just lack offence.
They both do 100 damage due to the opponents lv which adds to the stalling technique along with great moves such as wil o wisp which half the opponents atk as well as make them die slowly of burn.
Rest can recover all hp as get rid of a burn or a toxic.
Preassure is great on dusclops as they will run out off pp quik adding to there frustration.
It is also a great spin blocker allowing you to keep your hazards up.
He is also almost impossible to 1 hit ko and there are very few pokemon that can 2hit ko it appart from pokemon like swords dance bishard.
I would use
252Hp 80Def 176Spdef
-Night Shade
-Wil o wisp
-Pain split
-Taunt or ice beam
Ok so this is one of smogons sets which makes a good lead with taunt stopping entery hazards as well as crippling them.
Ice beam may seem odd but i have used this set before and provides great coverage in UU and can catch pokemon like flygon off guard.
Other movesets are found in our moveset questions or here.

Here are some good sets
Ok so rhydon is great in RU though thanks to low spdef even with evolite it stays in Ru rather than bl2 or UU.
105 hp giving it a maximum of 414, that is better than most ubers, also an atk and def to be scared of, making this guy a perfect tank.
Also one of the best pokemon you could use up to gen 4.
He has once again got a boost in gen5 thanks to evolite giving him 105hp 180def and 67spdef which is still pretty allows it to be ohkod by any super effective special hit, but its a very differant story if its a pysical.
It can set up rocks and also a substitute which is great when you have them set up you can tank with moves like rock blast or eathquake bothe getting stab.
Its earthquake has the same power as garchomps.....
It can work well in an UU or RU sandstorm team getting its extra def boost in spdef giving it 100 base spdef which is now very good.
But 4x weakness to both water and grass which are very common in UU and rather common in Ru can be a big draw back, but non of the less if there is no real threat left in there team this guy hits very hard.

Ok im not going to do a massive description but he can work very well in lower tiers.
It does not have the same bulk as ferrothorn, but it does have a great pokemon to look up to.
It is great for setting up rocks and spikes it even has access to leech seed, but that would meen no stealth rocks.
Low speed is not much of a problem give it 10more base speed it still isnt outrunning anything appart from shuckle, which allows you to utilize curse and gyro ball increasing atk and gyro ball power, Also thunder wave is a good option for crippling them sweepers who threaten your team.
Good typing and decent bulk make this guy a good lower tier evolite user.

The cleric on most teams and a great special wall, in fact the best in the game.
Here are some movesets
Ok so blissey may have better stats by very little but it is at least a 3-4 hit ko on a chansey without evolite with a special hit.
With evolite it has over base 150 spdef which is now better than blissey, and it has 7def not as good but it is able to be boosted slightly with a bold nature and 252def evs.
That gives it over 100 def allowing it to take most non fighting pysichal moves.
704 Hp what more could you want appart from blisseys 714 max hp.
With access to wish and softboiled it can heal it self as well as pass on a wish making it one of the best clerics in the game.
Natural cure is good as nothing much can now cripple it as it can easyly switch out to get rid of its burn poison ect.
Seiscmic toss and toxic are also great moves defintly worth to consider.
It works great in Ou and even rather good in uber, having most uber pokemon special based.
It is a great staller and can cripple whole teams, making chansey one of the best and most used evolite users in the game.
Though Blissey has almost as good stats and has access to leftovers rather than evolite which is what all evolite users lack when they use evolite.
Which is why i tend to prefer blissey which is also not touched by special hits but also has ok spatk giving it a good use of flamethrower which is great in ou as there as so many 4x weakness pokemon to it.

Ok i hope this helped, sorry if there are answers before this when i started answering there were non and i have spent ages on this, also if you need any more ill put in some more.

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That Dusclops is mine, except I use Ice Punch over Ice Beam for Roserade.
I got it off smogon :) but yes i noticed you used it on one of your last rmts on bs
Lugia is a better Wall, I should add. But non-Ubers, yes. Chansey.
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Porygon2, Dusclops and Chansey are all good Eviolite users.

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Are there more?
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Rhydon, Lairon, Graveler, Magmar, Electabuzz, Onix, Shelgon and all examples by Hex.

Hope this helps :)

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