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The guide of this website about EV's says that it's better to train low level pokemon (+- level 20). So if I had a 2 pokemons with the same IV, nature, ... and I would EV-train one of them starting at level 1 and another one starting from level 50 (just caught), would the first one have higher stats than the second one?

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You wouldn't know. It all depends on what Pokemon you battle. If Pokemon #1 fought a Pidgey and Pokemon #2 fought a Forretress, they would get different EVs.
Assuming you battle the same Pokemon, the stats will be EXACTLY the same.

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I mean if I EV train them in the same stats of course.
At Lv. 100, and calculation wise, (assuming both IVs and EVs are the same for both Pokemon) they would have the same exact stats in the end.
It is better to EV train at a lower level because you can take advantage of the EV stats earlier on.