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a staller. something like that. Like my zapdos with toxic, substitute, thunderbolt, roost.

        •awesome speed
        •decent defenses
        •decent offences
        •not too much super effectivness
        •has to have good ability that isn't DW
        *ZERO egg moves

should i keep my zapdos? if so, give a suggestion or something :P SUPPORT ya answer plz

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what is DW?
DW = Dream World
Oh dream world
any generation? cuz there are too many
a speedy staller?? O_O
Oh didn't see staller
my zapdos is speedy :P

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"clear body" is good ability
good speed
good s.def

barrier can raise decent defense
toxic spikes
giga drain, to restore hp and beat ground pokemon with STAB e-quake
sludge bomb/surf for STAB

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