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[Look here to see what im talkin bout][1]

i mean he is just some fish not a wizard

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Just a note, I reshowed this one as it's a legit question.

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Magikarp Name Origin

>Magikarp's name is a combination of magic and carp, possibly mocking the Magikarp as a species, as someone with 'magic' powers is generally thought to be quite powerful, which Magikarp is not (though carp are said to be able to transform into dragons, which is magical in its own way).

Source: Bulbapedia/ Magikarp

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thats why magikarp a fish evolve into gyrados a snake
Magikarp surviving is somewhat magic.
Bad luck magikarp
Mocked by his own name
@ Kingdom Hearts

Well, I need to read you some Chinese Mythology.

Carps were the only fish who can ride waterfalls.

If a Carp rode a waterfall, he/she would turn into a dragon when he/she came out.