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I'm, too lazy to level up staryu until it learns hydro pump, so can I use surf instead?

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Surf- 100 acc. 95 power
Hydro pump- 80 Acc 120 power

I like surf, decent power, high accuracy.

But in double battles, not a good move if your teammate is weak to water.

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Surf if generally regarded as the better move because of its accuracy.
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Surf Man. Surf has tons of power, plus high PP and a killer HM move. Not to mention it looks cooler. Only thing is that if you are playing G4, dont forget to delete it when you transfer your pokemon or they wont let you do it. I had to delete Surf off my surfing Pikachu level 100 (You get it in Battle Revolution, not a hack) and now I feel sad :(

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Surf -
Ok, surf is helpful outside of the battle and also the strongest HM of the game,
It I would say has Exceptional Power and can be useful during parts of the game
So Surf wouldn't be a bad choice if it is what you chose.

Hydro Pump -
Hydro Pump is awesome and much stronger than Surf it would be an awesome
Choice during a Gym/Pkmn Trainer Battle but if you want a good ouside and
In battle move It shouldn't be Hydro Pump. Hydro Pump Though is a great battle

As You can See Either would be a great choice :D

For Battle: Hydro Pump
Outside & In- Battle: Surf

                                         **Hope I helped :)**
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Pros: 100 Accuracy, 95 power. Can take you around the Region. Hits multiple foes. Max 24 PP. Plenty of Pokemon can learn it.
Cons: Hits allies, which can be bad if they are weak to water. Can't be deleted easily.

Hydro Pump:

Pros: 120 Power, being Baws during Rain. 80 Accuracy, which is decent.
Cons: Max PP of 8. Only available to Water types, Staryu learns it at level 60.

Go with surf for dat Power.

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Don't you mean Hydro Pump for that power??
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Surf is a good move hence it's an Hm,and that it connects well.

Although Hydropump has pretty decent power,the same with most powerful moves,it has lower accuracy.

Using this,I'd say use surf.
Hope this helps. :D

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Use surf! I don't wanna copy anyone else's answer so i'll add on that remember Surf is an HM move! You can go across water + it has 100 accuracy!

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It's a pretty strong move but as Nascarfan said your teammate might have a disadvantage. It is also very useful in the game as you can travel through water with it.

Hydro Pump

A powerful water type attack most water types learn this move. It's accuracy is 85% so there is a chance it might miss but you could use items to increase it's accuracy. (Forgot the name)


Surf is a decent move with 100% acc and 95 power, but Hydro pump is a stronger move and can probably take out most pokemon. But it has low acc, if you want to take a risk and go for a strong move pick Hydro pump if you want to stay safe and make sure you don't miss pick surf.

Hope this helped =)

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(Gen 1-5) 95 power (Gen 6) 90 power
100% accuracy
Special attack

Hydro Pump:
(Gen 1-5) 120 power (Gen 6) 110 power
80% accuracy
Special attack

Also surf hits every Pokemon on the battle field which has it's ups and downs!

Personally I would go with scald 80 power 100% accuracy and 30% chance to burn
but it depends on if you like power or accuracy, I like hydro pump but surf is better
Hope I helped

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