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I can think of two abilities that are pretty much worthless to me:

  1. Pressure,I have Kyurem and it says that it's using Pressure
  2. Mold Breaker,whenever I face pokemon that are specifically Dragon-type then they use the ability Mold Breaker

What do those two mean,I know that there are more like them in the pokemon world,but if there are more tell me what they do please.

I don't know much much about pokemon games but I can tell you that this is in Black.


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1.If your opponent has a move like Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, or Draco Meteor and it misses it won't be able to use the move more because the ability pressure makes the opponent use 2 PP per move instead of two.
2.If you have a Haxorus with the ability Mold Breaker and your opponent has a Gengar, you can use Earthquake and it will successfully hit.