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  1. How many EV's can you have for each stat?

  2. If you train your pokemon (1 EV in Attack) against a pokemon with 1 EV in Defense, does your EV's on your Attack stat go away?

  3. How can you see all EV's your pokemon has gained without an Action Replay? 5

#2 is an example, just to let you know.

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  1. 255 EVs max for any stat, but the efficient number is 252. 510 total. That means that only two stats can be maxed out at once (252 + 252 = 504). The last 4 can go to anything for one extra stat point.
  1. I don't quite understand your question, but i know EVs never go away unless you give them a specific berry:

Pomeg Berry

>Kelpsy Berry

>Qualot Berry

>Special Attack
Hondew Berry

>Special Defense
Grepa Berry

Tamato Berry

  1. You can't in the game. A girl in Opelucid will only tell you if you have maxed out your EVs (510) or not (<= 509)
where is the girl in Opelucid?
The house immediately north of the Pokemon Center
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oh yeah, the girl says "Your ______ Put In A Great Effort" If you got the maxed out your EVs ;)
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1. You can have 255 EVs for each stat, and you can have 510 in total.
2. No, you still gain that EV.
3. Unless it's on PO or another Pokemon Simulator, you have to keep track.

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#1 if you can have 510 total, how can you have 255 evs on all stats?
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