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1. What is STAB and how do You Use It ?
2. What is Coverage and how do you use it ?
3. What is Uber and how do You use it ?
4. What is Ev's and how do you use it ?
5. Why Can't We ask For Movesets For Poke'mon such as Grotle ?

What I mean By "How do you Use It ?" is How to use It On Q&A to
Get a good answer, OK

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  1. STAB is Same Type Attack Boost/Bonus. To use it, just use a move of the same type as your Pokemon. Like Thunderbolt on a Pichu. The move and the Pokemon are both ELectric types.
  2. Coverage is when you use a move to cover you Pokemon's weaknesses. For example, Shadow Ball on Mew covers it's Ghost weakness. Or it can be to cover types in general.
  3. Uber is a tier. Look here for more info.
  4. EVs, or Effort Values, are explained here.
  5. Because we answer them at the fully evolved form's page. If you want Grotle movesets, ask on Chat or go to the Torterra page. Another example: If you want a Metang moveset, go to the Metagross page.
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Not just Grotle!
that was an example...
same for all
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Stab is same type attack bonus giving the move an extra 50% power
Coverage is a move that covers weaknesses and common types, like Ice would be coverage.
Ubers is a tier for the strongest of Pokemon to stabilise the meta game.
So many questions on evs.
Finally q5 should be on meta but it is because lower evolutions can learn the same types of moves, if you have a froglet movest post it on the torterra page.

Sorry this is quik to the point I'm on my iPod so it's hard.

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  2. Moves that are not STAB and are not specifally for the User's weaknesses (IE: Alakazam & Energy Ball)



  5. >Moveset questions - we already have a huge set of questions dedicated to this! Just search for the word 'moveset' with the pokemon name, e.g. 'moveset metagross' to find some great suggested movesets.
    >Source: Pokebase Rules


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1.Stab is Same Type Attack Boost

2.Coverage is how well you pokemon can do against the other 16/15 types(15 being for dual type pokemon)

3.Uber is a tier, each pokemon is sorted into tiers seen here

4.Evs are Effort Values which raise you pokemon stats you can find guides on how to ev train all over the internet here is just one

5.You cant ask for movesets because we already have a moveset question for most if not all pokemon

and how to use them in answers depend on the question nobody can tell you how to answer questions.

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Well, lets start:

1). STAB = Same Type Attack Bonus. That means that if (I.e.) Pichu uses Thundershock, it gets STAB that raises it's attack power by 1.5.
2). Coverage is when your attack covers your weaknesses. Its when, say, a normal type uses a psychic move.
3). Uber is a tier that contains mostly legendaries, with a few exceptions such as Exadrill and Blazkin.
4). EVs are Effort Values. Its what gives a boost to stats such as Attack (Atk), Defense (Def) and Speed (Spd).
5). Most people don't need moves for basic and stage 1 pokemon that can evolve. The majority of people, given the choice, would choose Torterra over Grotle.

Hope this explains things a bit more! •^-^•

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